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Rear Delt / Pec Fly

Ultimate Fitness

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1) Item No.:UF-4018
2) Machine Name: Seated Straight Arm Clip Chest
3) Size: 1300*950*2135mm
4) Machine Weight:255kg
5) Weight Stack:100kg
6) With CE and ISO9001 Certificate
7) High quality steel tube Q235 with 50 x 100 x 3mm
8) Perfect welding and super quality pu leater
9)with 6mm diameter strong cable
10) Two layer coating and health power with free-lead and free-mercury

Adjustable Positions
An easy start position and dual hand positions provide variety for both the pec and read delt fly movements.

Back Pad
The long, narrow back pad provides back support for Pec Fly exercise and chest support for Rear Delt movement

Pivoting Arms
To ensure proper positioning in both exercises with minimal adjustments, the arms automatically pivot when the user enters, adjusting to various arm lengths and positions.

Upholstery Colours
Bordeaux,red,brilliant green,black,light brown,brilliant blue,aviation blue